Largest Christmas Tree farm in Prince William County & NoVA



This is the last year that we will open on Black Friday.  Next year we will open on December 5th, 2020.  These are our open times for this year:

  • November 29               8 to 5
  • November 30               8 to 5
  • December 1                 8 to 5
  • December 2                 2 to 5
  • December 3                 2 to 5
  • December 4                 2 to 5
  • December 5                 2 to 5
  • December 6                 2 to 5
  • December 7                 8 to 5
  • December 8                 8 to 5


  • Tree shaking and netting              free
  • Hot mulled cider                           free
  • Admission                                    free
  • Twine to tie down tree                  free
  • White pine                                   $55 with tax
  • Norway spruce                            $75 with tax
  • We have plenty of saws
  • We accept cash or credit card for payment

How it works here

Our trees are priced by the tree for any size.  This includes the short ones.  We have everything here that you will need for cutting a tree and taking it home with you.

Care of tree

If you plan to leave the tree outside before taking it in the house, keep it on the shady side of the house.  Always make a fresh cut on the trunk before you bring it in even if it is the same day as it was cut.  Keep the stand pot full of water especially for the first week.  It will often drink a gallon of water per day.  Keep the tree away from hot spots in the house such as by the heating vent.

Answers to frequently asked questions

This is a real tree farm where trees are growing in the ground.  There are no precut trees.  If we've had a recent rain, you can expect it to be wet in the field.  It is always a good bet to wear boots. We have everything here you'll need to cut a tree.  If you call during the middle of the day, it is likely that I'll be too busy to answer the phone.  We'll have a wagon shuttle to transport your tree from the field to sales shed.  At the sales shed we will shake and bale your tree.  We provide twine to attach to your car.  A tree will fit on any car.  We can help you  cut or tie your tree.  If you may need assistance, we can give you more attention if you arrive early or late afternoon, when we're less busy.  This is the only location for accurate information; Google and other sites are not accurate.  At the time of this update, mid-November 2019, I've already had 20 couples come out to cut a tree because Google incorrectly says we're open.